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[Blog] Pokemon Arizona Regional Championship

Pokemon X/Y Team


the Pokemon Arizona Regional Championship was this weekend at the Phoenix Convention Center. yesterday was the start of the Trading Card Game portion and today was the finals. but today also was the Video Game portion, which i entered.


i decided to bring my unorthodox Rain Dance team you see above. you can also see my ending record of today. i had 2 wins, 1 bye, and 5 losses. it’s not a standard Rain Dance team because i don’t use Politoed with Drizzle. i run Sableye with Prankster for one main reason. it stops Mega Evolution weather abilities in its tracks. today i psyched out Mega Charizard Y twice and in a previous tournament Mega Abomasnow. although i just trained a Meowstic with Prankster that i may switch to.


i definitely have to say my team did a lot better than i expected. all 5 my losses came down to the final Pokemon on both sides going head-to-head. and both my wins came to a 2-on-1 or 3-on-1 ending.


my final placing ended up being the #106th spot… out of 126 people in the Masters Division.

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[3ds] Super Smash Bros

2014-10-02 22.18.42


a new entry to the Super Smash Bros franchise has been released today. well yesterday for people like me on the West coast. around 9 pm last night, i started downloading this game on my 3DS. first, it took my about 15 minutes to even start the download. Nintendo’s servers were acting up so bad i kept getting booted out of the Super Smash Bros game page. after that it took about an hour to get the whole 2.1 GB to download.


i’m currently in the process of unlocking all the characters:

  • Ness, Play 10 Smash matches or beat Classic Mode 2 times
  • Falco, Play 20 Smash matches or beat Classic Mode 1 time
  • Wario, Play 30 Smash matches or beat 100 Man Battle
  • Lucina, Play 40 Smash matches or beat Classic Mode with Marth, Robin or Ike
  • Dark Pit, Play 50 Smash matches or beat Classic Mode on 5.0 difficulty
  • Dr. Mario, Play 60 Smash matches or beat Classic Mode on Normal difficulty as Mario
  • R.O.B, Play 70 Smash matches
  • Ganondorf, Play 80 Smash matches or beat Classic Mode on Normal difficulty with Link
  • Mr. Game & Watch, Play 90 Smash matches
  • Bowser Jr., Play 100 Smash matches or beat Classic Mode on Hard difficulty as Bowser
  • Duck Hunt, Play 110 Smash matches
  • Jigglypuff, Play 120 Smash matches or beat Classic Mode in intensity 7.0


and like all Smash Bros game before this, the best way to unlock all the character is with the Smash matches and the following:

  • 1 stock
  • level 1 CPU
  • handicap 300% CPU
    • (double damage optional for kicks, pun intended)
  • start battle
  • win (or lose)
    • (a side note on a new game mechanic, the CPU can kill you with one hit despite being at 300%, because of the new “comeback” feature)
  • repeat


just like that, i’ve already unlocked 2 characters with just 10 minutes of gameplay.


my thought on the full game will come later after i unlocked everyone.


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[3DS] Super Smash Bros Demo



yesterday i received a very pleasant email from Nintendo. this email told me i have the opportunity to play the Super Smash Bros 3DS demo a week before everyone else:



You’ve qualified for a special demo of the Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS game. There’s no limit on play sessions, and it’s available now—a whole week before the public demo.

We’re sending this demo to Club Nintendo members like you who achieved Platinum Status between 7/1/2013 and 6/30/2014, registered any Nintendo 3DS product, and chose to receive information from Nintendo at Club Nintendo. Hurry—all codes for this special demo must be redeemed by Sept. 19. Enjoy!


and i’ve been playing ever since i got this email.


first bit of information about the demo. you only get FIVE characters to choose from:

  • Mario
  • Link
  • Pikachu
  • Villager
  • Mega Man


and you get ONE stage (but kinda two stages)

  • Battlefield
    • but there’s a setting you can change before selecting the level, that basically turns the level into Final Destination


your battle settings that cannot be changed are:

  • 2-minutes long
  • unlimited stock
  • items are on for Battlefield
    • but items are off for Final Destination.


you can have up to 3 CPU characters in a 4-player free-for-all. and each CPU can be modified with the standard levels 1-9 setting.


there’s also local multiplayer, but it’s pretty laggy. i’ve only played against one friend of mine, and it hiccups a little too much for comfort. so much so that combos/juggles can be dropped easily. if local multiplayer is this bad, i wonder what Wi-Fi is like, i so hope this gets fixed somehow. the controls take some very getting used to. the thumb-stick or whatever it’s officially called will be the hardest thing to get used to. i’ve found myself using a different move than intended because i was pressing the wrong direction. and i’m not sure if directional influence (D.I.) is in the game, but that feels weird trying to do with the thumb-stick for some reason. i’ve never been good enough to wave dash, and i’m not sure if it’s cause i suck at it, or it’s not in the game, but i can’t perform any wave dashes.


but other than that, the game is great. i can’t wait for the final release on October 3, 2014.

[E3] 3DS, Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire

Nintendo came to the show with some more footage of Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire to show off. and a November 21, a week before Black Friday. one video in particular is so awesome. it can only be described in just one word… mega-effin-sableye…



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[E3] 3DS, Fantasy Life

this game is like Animal Crossing + Bravely Default. and it’s coming out on October 24 of THIS YEAR!


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[E3] 3DS, Professor Layton Vs Phoenix Wright

this has been out in Japan forever it feels like. and now we get it on August 29!   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fiJ7JwwlG6o

[3ds] Legend of Zelda, A Link Between Worlds

guess i should start posting again. i picked up today the special edition 3DS XL bundle with Legend of Zelda A Link Between Worlds.



[3ds] Project X Zone

i was able to snag a copy of Project X Zone for Nintendo 3DS today. and so far, the game is pretty fun!