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[Review] Chromecast One Week Later

after a week with Google’s latest product- Chromecast, and i must say, i’m 100% satisfied with it.

and by 100%, that doesn’t mean there’s no faults in it. i would like to point those out:

  • controlling from desktop/laptop sucks.
    • say you send something from your phone/tablet to Chromecast. then you want to skip ahead from your desktop/laptop. well you can’t.
  • YouTube queuing from desktop/laptop doesn’t exist.
    • so you start a video from any device. then on your desktop/laptop you want to send over as the next in queue. well it overrides what’s already playing and just starts playing.

those are pretty much my biggest beefs. and then my biggest PRO:

  • local videos play without hiccups!
    • so i use Handbrake to re-encode my videos into MP4 format. when you use Chrome as a file browser, open a local video, then cast your tab over, it’s perfect.

all-in-all, i can’t wait for future updates to Chromecast. i hope developers will come up with amazing things to do with it. like streaming ANYTHING from your mobile devices to your TV.

[TV] Google Chromecast

i finally found the Google Chromecast in stock! the Ahwatukee location of Best Buy had 10 of them in stock that they received today! (then they had 9 left after i bought mine)

AND on top of just stumbling upon it, Best Buy was also offering the 3-months free Netflix. since i already have Netflix, i thought the code wouldn’t work. ┬áBUT I WAS WRONG! 3-months free added to my existing Netflix account! booya!