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[Deals] PS3, Final Fantaxy X/X-2

i was so excited when i got to play Final Fantasy X for PS3 at the 2013 PAX show. but then they announced this game is NOT cross-buy compatible. so i was annoyed that you would have to pay $40 for the PS3 version where both games are on a single disc, and another $40 for the PSVita version where one game is on the cartridge and the other game is a download voucher.

well Amazon has a pretty good deal right now, where Final Fantasy X/X-2 for the PS3 is only $25. i’m really tempted to get it, but it’s not quite at the price point i want. which is for $20. or how i like to think of it, if this were a cross-buy product from the start, the $40 price tag would be equivalent to $20 for the PS3 and $20 for the PSVita.