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[E3] Smash Bros Invitational

in case anyone missed the live event Nintendo held Tuesday night. i found this video on YouTube of the entire event. it was very interesting to watch. especially watching pros who normally dominate 1v1, have to fight in a 4-player free-for-all. with items too.


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[E3] Wii U Hyrule Warriors

it gets a release date!!! i can’t believe this is coming out this year, on September 26. it’s so soon. i don’t know if i’ll be ready.



[E3] Wii U, Splatoon

i’m not one for console shooters. but this game looks like so much fun. and it’s in 3rd person, so it’s not so bad with a controller. the one thing i’m wondering about though is if there’s any local multiplayer. it seems like the Wii U Gamepad is a requirement for every player. but we’ll see. still got a long ways to go for the 2015 release. and look at that, Amazon already has a pre-order listing for it.


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[E3] Wii U, Legend of Zelda

wow! i haven’t posted in a long time. i need to get back into the habit. and what better way than to point out my personal highlights of E3 2014. first up, the new Legend of Zelda game slated for 2015. Amazon is on top of its game and already has a pre-order listing.